Game Review: Ruin

Ruin Board Game Quick Stats:

Ranked # 5271
2-4 players
Age 8 and up
Rated 5.71 out of 10 stars

Learning curve: This game is pretty simple: you roll a dice to move. If the number is red, you also get to change one of the cards that make up a fully interchangeable game board. There is a special card in the deck to either help yourself or hurt another by jumping halfway across the board. The idea is to get both your pieces to the center’s “treasure room”.

Re-playability: Because the game board itself is malleable to the players’ intentions, I think it always offers a good bit of competition.

My personal thoughts: I had never heard of this game before, but I got it for my birthday. I was surprised to see how low the game was rated after playing it. We laughed as we played, and none of us would choose to never play it again. It was a good time, and quick paced. Oh, and I won :)

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