more fabric book covers

All the winners responded, so the covers were mailed on Tuesday from NYC. We are back home now, and I’ll be catching up a few things then I will post the tutorial! :D

Meanwhile, I had made an additional cover as a present:
fabric book cover
fabric book cover Then I also made a trade back size cover. Which incidentally seemed way more popular on the subways in NYC than mass market books, so perhaps I should give some of those away in the future, eh?
fabric book cover
fabric book coverWhat do you think – are mass market books or tradeback books more popular? Or is it that I should be making eBook covers instead?

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  1. These covers are great! I somehow thought all paperbacks were mass market :) Good to know! I’m really hoping this comes up in a conversation and I can flaunt my new found knowledge! On that note…I’m a trade back girl! {although I should be careful how I say that in conversation ;) And…do you have an etsy shop or did I miss the link?

    • Thanks! Based on my recent NYC subway experience, I am willing to bet most people are tradeback girls/boys! I do not have a shop, yet. Lots of irons in the fire and no time for nothing. Gah!

    • Mass market books are the short fat ones – you often see these in grocery stores or airports. They are always the same height and width, it is only the depth that changes. I think only certain genres really use this size (almost all of my fantasy fiction books are this kind).
      Trade back books are generally bigger in height and width and vary a bit in this regard. In fact, they are basically a hardback book but with a paper cover. I’ve noticed that a lot of the most popular books are generally in this category.
      You can read more about it at Wikiepedia’s Paperback article.
      I do not have an eBook either, nor can I convince myself that I should get one. I will be reading in antiquated print, explaining to future generations what “paper” is as they ooo and ahh over my library. Yes, even being the environmentalist that I am, Boy:P

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