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Computer news: The power adapter for my laptop snapped in two and the battery is officially dead now. I have some posts to make but the computers i have available arent my flavor – they are a little too much on the unix side to deal with photo editing and such, if you know what i mean. Im a simple girl. I like my mainstream, pretty-looking programs:P (Boy has ever so graciously provided his itty bitty KDE laptop, and something called Fluxbox – one without a full size screen and one without a full size keyboard. Ugh. Its silly isnt it? Computer dudes spend so much time building the most powerful machines and then they stick these near useless baby keyboards or monitors on them. It reminds me of body builders with pin heads.)

Fun news: I am THRILLED that i won a Sew Mama Sew December Giveaway! I entered Made By Rae’s Falalalafabric Giveaway and scored the Pink Kelp! Yay! She was also kind enough to post all the winners photos up so you can see what we made with her patterns or inspirations.

Cat news: Although Sashas gingivitis is under control with the simple treatment of the rinse she completely detests, her front gum still looked really horrible and her top second incisor tooth was hanging out so she always walked around with her tongue out. She otherwise acted normal and ate fine but we finally decided to take her in. The doc said it was an absorptive lesion which is common for the front teeth and pulled it right out with barely a wince from her. (He let me keep it since i do love bones and teeth and it is so teeny weeny!) That evening we noticed the tooth next to the missing one now was crooked, as if the only thing that had kept it in place was being wedged by the missing tooth. About three days later, it looked horrible and moving all around and this time i could tell she was in a bit of pain (if not a whole heck of a lot of it). Boy and i held her down like the doc and his staff did and she didnt even flinch or nothing when we pulled it out (holiday time = no vet hours). Nothing at all! My fears of being a torturous cat mom was laid to rest. It was amazing. (And an even tinier tooth!) And just the next day, all the redness was gone and she is back to her old self. Happy cat!

Kitchen news: I dont really have much to say. All the electrical is finished and we have canned lighting now, yay! Boys dad and uncle did that for us on Christmas Eve, of all days. Boy and i just need to make sure all the nails are gone for the drywall people, get a few more rolls of insulation, and then get the stove and sink/dishwasher out of there again. We are dillydallying a bit on that last part. As much as we are sick of this whole process, going back to paper plates and microwaved food just isnt appetizing, but of course its also because last weekend and this weekend are holiday weekends. Even weekend warriors need a break. Oh, and i have made the executive decision to take out the “linen closet” around the bend from the wall we had the contractors work on because it really doesnt hold a folded towel well at all (its not deep enough). Instead, I am going to make it a built-in book case with cabinet storage on the bottom. Im pretty psyched about that idea. I dunno why.

I hope your holidays were/are fun and not met with busted technology!

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