remodel 101

At least in my experience….

1. You will fail to get Before Photos more often than not.


This is the best I had of the dungeon-like laundry closet. Tof already removed the drywall so he could begin updating the copper pipes and make them hidden behind panelling rather than exposed like they were.


Boy has skills running wires so he did the electrical side of things.

Its just about done and look how awesome it is!


2. A boys room will never be clean enough for internet photos but who needs to pretend? We live here, people.

Except for the lighting, Im pretty sure this room is done.


3. A simple idea will open a can of worms. (Worms named New Ideas, Money, Time, Effort, and Stress)


I wanted the wall with the window cut-out removed to open the walkway and have  a nice view of the bay window. That turned into new cabinets. Which turned into moving the stove and refrigerator. And changing the lights. And so on and so forth. None of that has happened yet.

What has happened is that we have been preparing for the wall removal by tearing down the drywall before the contractor comes.


In addition, the thought that the wall might need to be braced underneath came up so Boy and his dad ripped up the floor.


This has led us astray from the original project as we discovered the subfloor has all dry rotted and desperately needs to be replaced. So today, i began removing the carpet.


I work better within the world of schedules. I can probably live in the worst of conditions as long as im told when, what, and where the changes/ending would occur.  But not knowing really gets me in the gut. Therefore Boy laid it out for me and hopefully we can stick to it pretty well. By this weekend, all the subflooring should be replaced. By next week, the professionals should be coming in to do the wall removal. I will need another update on how long that will take them before i can finally say Phew, but for now, there is a goal with end in sight that I can hold on to. Once thats done, the cosmetics can start (flooring, cabinets, lights, action!) One step at a time though. One step at a time.

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  1. It will all work out – It does look like a big job and there are those un foreseen things that come up, but when it is all done you will have a place that will fit you & boy.

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