my new go-bag

The bag I made for my New York trip was fun, but because I was new at sewing, there were a few issues with it that started to bother me, so I opted for a new one. I call it a go-bag because i can just grab it and go and have entertainment handy, as well as some items boy has thrown in there (miniature tool set and the like). I incorporated all kinds of pockets too because i just hate having to dig around to find something.


Recognize the ladybug print? Its Heidi Grace – one of my favorite scrapping designers. Those little windows were fun. With the additional knowledge of interfacing, i have so many new ideas! And i used fray-check to keep the corduroy from fraying.

Pockets on one side are sized for my wallet, phone, itouch, and little things like my addiction to Avon’s Care Deeply chapstick. The other side is reserved for my dsi and checkbook. There is also a pocket that fits off to the side of the bag, for my lotion bottle (another addiction, Jergens Ultra Healing lotion).


Did i ever mention my wallet? I love him. I picked it up at the Bristol Renaissance Fair, from Grichels, a Wrinkle in Reality. She makes all kinds of leather goods, with awesome faces, reminiscent of the Necronomicon from the Evil Dead series.


But i digress. My new go-bag is awesome because it holds my book but there is still room for additional things when Im on the go, which my old one didnt allow. For instance, if I ever wanted to take my camera, now i can.


So, originally the pattern came from ArtsyCraftyBabe. I tweaked it so much that perhaps I shouldnt really advertise it as her creation, but this bag wouldnt have existed without her Phoebe bag pattern. The changes I made were the shape (mine is more squarish, and a different size – the same goes for the latch part) and mine has lots of pockets. If i did it again, i would widen the strap and attach the pockets just a tad differently. But overall, this will be my new go-bag for quite some time i think:)

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    • Fray check is awesome! It is some sort of plastic suspended in an alcohol base (so when the alcohol evaporates, the plastic stays in the fabric, gluing the strands together to prevent fraying). You can read more about it here: I use it for things that will have a raw edge like the reverse applique, or “window” on this bag. Ive also used it when i mis-cut something and cant get a good seam allowance in a part of the piece – just a little line of it along the edge and I feel comfortable that it wont rip out. I suggest always testing it first, so you can get an idea of how much to use on different kinds of fabric, and if it will show or not (if you apply it correctly and the fabric is willing, you shouldnt see or feel it).

  1. amazing. i was also jealous when i first saw the pics you emailed me, but now that i see inside and all that…. i’m just in awe. Your work was amazing from the start and only gets better, you should consider selling these things. i’d buy one. for serious! name your price woman! c’mon, buggy prints! i’m all about it!!

  2. I just can’t believe the stuff you are able to crank out. I admit it, Im jealous! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get my lines so straight. and wow the windows? consider my mind officially blown. :-)

    of too look at those neat wallets!

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