missing my usb cable

I have several crafts i could talk about but without pictures its like eating pizza without cheese or sammiches without bread!

So instead, hows about my pothole drama? I hit a giant crater and heard a loud distinctive crack. I immediately called Boy and told him i thought i trucked up my car, but I was almost home – literally like a mile left to go. So he stayed on the phone with me and when i came to a stop, i thought “phew, i guess its ok, whatever happened”.

But then i had to go again, and thats when the thump thump thumping started. Crap, a flat tire. But by then i was like 5 houses down from mine. Boy told me just to go slow so that I wouldnt ruin the rim, and he met me at the end of the drive way.

Laughed is what he did. Laughed. “Well, i guess it didnt matter how fast you went, cause your rim is totally dented and youre missing half a hubcap.”


So i am trying to get the county to pay for it, but guess what – they are giving me the run around. Im still pressing for it though – thats 125$ bucks they cost me because they cant figure out how to pave a road! They think lumping pavement is a fix, and that apparently giant snow plows would leave the lumps peacefully resting! Stupid!

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