Considering I cant find my usb cable to upload photos, I thought I would share a different kind of post.

I applied for an internship at the coroner’s office. My plan is that in grad school i might pursue forensic anthropology. That would involve a doctorate, and as of late, I have been questioning how far i want to take my graduate studies. This internship, if it works for me and i work for it, might lead into opportunities meeting the state’s forensic anthropologist and attending conventions or whatnot. I am kind of excited for that.

But i also know that i may find out right away that I am not cut out for it. I was awfully excited about working at the zoo and then realized it just wasnt for me (not to mention that specific internship wasnt put together very well). So as not to waste anyones time, they are going to start me with autopsies.

I was a little shocked, because I had assumed I would work slowly into that, being new and all, but this way makes more sense. I might as well find out right away if i can or cannot handle working with those who have passed than waste a bunch of time in the office only to find out that i dont like it in the end.

Therefore, I could get a call any morning at 6am to attend. That part sits a little sour in my stomach, i must admit, as I am a night person. But i am willing for the experience. Wish me luck!

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