france: wednesday 091609

We went to Narbonne on this day. Its a wonderful city – lively and restful and historic and modern all at once. They have preserved part of an ancient Roman road, which was cool. We also experienced just how nice the French are – we parked at a meter and I was trying to read it to know what to pay, but it was confusing me because it said something about being free, but i couldnt make out when. So, to be safe we started to put money in and this lady ran down the length of the parking lot and stopped us, to explain that during lunch, parking is free. There were many other instances of overly helpful and caring people – not at all what I had heard about the way Americans are treated.

France_day_eight2 France_day_eight4 France_day_eight1 France_day_eight3 France_day_eight5

Then we drove to Beziers and found this gorgeous massive church. We climbed 166 teeny spirally stairs, and had an amazing view.

France_day_eight7 France_day_eight8 France_day_eight9 France_day_eight10 France_day_eight6

Tidbits i picked up: I found it strange that almost everyone we saw smoked. Feral cats are more common than random dogs (a kitten joined us for lunch once). Driving was not as agressive as I had heard, although people did get a little crazy at the round-a-bouts (which are more plentiful than any other kind of intersection outside of the city centers).


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