Sasha the adventurer

So Saturday, we took the girls to our neighbors house (aka the in-laws) since they have a fenced in yard. Maya and Sasha have never been outside, so we wanted to see what they did. I had bought them little harness/leashes for taking them out on my condo balcony – just in case they had it in mind to run away chasing the squirrels they spy on daily, they would have to deal with the leash.

Neither of them seemedto like it (they slunked around a little and looked at us and meowed), but Sasha did start roaming around the yard a little. After about 20 minutes or so, we brought them back in.

Little did we know, we created a monster. Sasha now stands up at the door pawing at the doorknob, meowing with all her might. At the condo, she sometimes brought her leash to us, but it was more of a game (like a shoelace). Now she brings it because she wants to go outside.

I took her back out on Sunday and I think she would risk frostbite to be out there (the temperature was about 20 degrees cooler than Saturday and i was freezing!).

Today i woke up tangled in a leash. Sigh.