the belated project…

…is still belated.

You know, for something Ive already made before, and the simplicity of it, this one just isnt being nice to me. It is one thing after another – a few clipped seams here, a mis-sewn piece there, no more thread over here, another broken needle over there, yadda yadda. But I have also had other things going on – more showings of my condo = major cleaning tasks. Fixing up Boys office and helping him get organized in the new space = major weekend tasks. Working at the future house = other free time tasks. Sicknesses, lemonade stands, and parties, not to mention that thing i do at the bank five days a week that really gets in the way of things. My free time has been wee wee small. I dont want you all to feel I gave up on crafting, because I surely havent! So, another sneak peak. Maya just cannot get enough of this thing. She will be sorry to see it washed and mailed out, Im sure.


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